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Single Source Service ©

MTI is proud to announce the introduction of our new Single-Source Service ©. MTI has developed a damaged cargo inspection program customized to meet all of your company's inspection needs.

  • Dedicated service personnel who will review and track each of your inspection assignments.

  • A single rate for companies utilizing MTI as their sole inespection provider.

  • All assignments will then be dispatched by MTI to the appropriate MTI field office. MTI serves every major metropolitan area in the United States and Canada.

  • All completed inspection reports will be sent to a central MTI location where qualified personnel experienced in cargo claim processing will review them for quality and thoroughness.

  • All completed report information will be entered into a database for later analysis by your claim department as needed.

  • Reports and photos will be assembled in an orderly, uniform fashion to facilitate easy review by your claim department.

  • All responsibility for receiving, filing and retrieving reports will be maintained by MTI at a single location.

  • Lost or detached photos will be a thing of the past.

  • Rapid report retrieval will ensure that your claim department personnel will always receive the report when they need it.

  • Terminal personnel will no longer be involved in the cumbersome task of handling, filing and retrieving inspection reports.
All of the above services are guaranteed and we're ready to review your company's specific needs in order to ensure our damaged cargo inspection services meet them.

MTI also recognizes the fact that the cost of a service is always an important consideration for you. So, MTI has developed a way to offer your company a uniform discounted inspection fee in return for being selected as your exclusive damaged cargo inspection agency. MTI is able to offer you the lowest fee because of the efficiency of our single-source program. Once you've expressed an interest in receiving the benefits of our single-source service, we'll be more than happy to analyze your company's needs and submit a quotation for your consideration.

We believe our single-source program can save your company the countless hours it takes to handle your inspection reports at your general offices or at your terminals. Further, our uniformity in assigning, filing and retrieving inspection reports, along with the other benefits described above will allow you to streamline your cargo claim management process, receive the most informative and professional inspection reports possible and save time and money.

Please feel free to contact us at (800) 692-0074, by fax at (866) 329-6841 or by e-mail for more information about MTI Inspection Services.